Saint priest – martyr Ignacy
Ignacy was born in the sixties of the 19th c. He decided to become a monk and entered St. Onufry Monastery in Jabłeczna - the most prominent Orthodox place in the eastern part of Poland. The name Ignacy he took in the monastery. In the interwar period he was one of the oldest monks but he was greatly respected by the Orthodox people. The Second World War turned out to be a difficult time for all monks in the monastery. At night in August, 9/10, 1942 the army attacked the monastery. Soldiers set fire to the buildings and did not let monks to extinguish it. Some of the monks hid in the orchard. However Saint Ignacy decided to come back and started to ring bells. He sacrificed his life protecting the monastery. The martyr was buried at the churchyard. In spring 2003 his grave was opened and the relics were put in the St. Onufry Church in Jabłeczna.