Saint priest – martyr Peter
Saint martyr Peter was born in 1891 in Tamawatka village (Tomaszów district). He finished the agricultural school in 1908. During the First World War he was working as a teacher. When Peter was thirty, he went to the Wołyń Seminary in Krzemieniec. In 1923, after finishing the Seminary, he got married. In December that year Peter Ohryzko was ordained a deacon and then a priest by Antoni, Bishop of Lublin. The saint was working in the Wołyń Diocese, in parishes of Włodzimierz, Dubieńsk, Łuck and Horochów districts. In 1939 Peter returned to Tomaszów region. He lived in Sumin village and became a parish priest in Moreszyn. He had quite a difficult task as a preacher because he worked during the war, at which time he was also mugged few times. He died as a martyr in Czartowiec village (Zamość district). In April 1944, during The Holy Week, on Holy Monday while he was conducting a service for the teenagers, he was taken out from church. His liturgical vestment was torn off and he was tortured to death. Peter was probably buried on the meadow where he was murdered.