Saint priest - martyr Lew
Saint martyr Lew came from the Korobczuk family that had been living in Chełm region for years. He was born in 1919 in Jarosław guberniya (Russia) where his parents had to escape to and were living during the war. He soon went back to Chełm region, where his father Gabriel, priest, was given an Orthodox parish in Kulno (Biłgoraj district). Lew had obtained the higher education in Przemyśl and Lwow. In 1936 he went to School for Choir Directors and Psalmists in St. Onufry Monastery in Jabłeczna, which he graduated from in 1939. Lew was appointed in 1941 a psalmist in the Orthodox parish in Werbkowice, Chełm region. He got married soon and in 1942 was ordained a deacon and then a priest by Ilarion, Archbishop of Chełm and Podlasie region. At the beginning Lew was working in Chełm in the authorities of reestablished Chełm- Podlasie Diocese. Lew was soon sent to the parish in Łasków, Hrubieszów region. His work demanded a lot of effort and strength, especially during the war. His house was robbed few times at that period. On March, 10, 1944 Lew died in Łasków as a martyr together with more than 200 of his parishioners. His body was firstly left in the military shelter but after few weeks he was buried at the cemetery in Łasków village. However the exact place where Saint Lew was buried has not been found.