Project PL0242 titled: ‘Renovation of the historic Orthodox churches of Lublin-Chełm Diocese. Szczebrzeszyn. Dołhobyczów. Stage II”

The Project is financed from the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism – Priority 3 Protection of European cultural heritage.

The aim of the Project is to renovate two historic Orthodox churches of Lublin- Chełm Diocese: Church of The Dormition of the Virgin Mary in Szczebrzeszyn (1560) and Church of St. Simeon the Stylite in Dołhobyczów (1904). The former is the 16th century brick church with preserved authentic architectonic details and due to its location on the hill constitutes a characteristic point in city’s panorama; and the latter was built in Byzantinian- Ruthenian style. The Project finances: 1. in the church in Szczebrzeszyn: o renovation of the nave and the presbytery, o reconstruction of the iconostasis, o conservation of the 17th and the 19th centuries murals, o reconstruction of the fence surrounding the church. 2. in the church in Dołhobyczów: o finishing the church’s renovation with the installation of the burglar-proof system, o reconstruction of the iconostasis, o conservation of the polychromy inside the church, o reconstruction of the fence.


The realization of those works will ensure that aims stated in the project are achieved:

• restoring the lost Orthodox tradition in Europe,

• restoring destroyed Orthodox cultural heritage,

• renovation of the Orthodox churches in Lublin- Chełm Diocese,

• reconstruction of church’s equipment,

• protection of historic buildings from devastation.


The total qualified cost of the project amounts to 1849299,00 euro, where:

• 85 % comes from the EEA Financial Mechanism

• 12 % comes from the Operational Program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

• 3 % comes from Town and County Office of Szczebrzeszyn


Term of realization: April 2008- April 2010

Beneficiary: the Orthodox Lublin-Chełm Diocese

Partner: the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage