Foundation Dialogue between Nations

Foundation Dialogue between Nations has started functioning as a diocesan institution from April 2007. It operates under the current Polish rules of law on funds and under the Foundation’s statute. The Foundation has a legal entity.

The aims of the Fundation, which are stated in its statute, make it possible to work in different fields. They concern activities supporting the idea of development of civic society in Central and Eastern Europe’s countries in the following fields: social, information, cultural, sports, scientific, educational, environmental protection, touristic, development of rural areas and entrepreneurship. The Foundation, based on its statute, can take various actions to create commonwealth of nations, especially to develop and integrate European countries, their local communities, markets, economies and democracy. The Foundation is aimed at developing international as well as regional and local cooperation. In addition, the Fundation supports actions on protection of culture, national heritage, historical monuments, supporting national, religious and ethnical minorities. What is more, the Foundation is open to cooperate with organizations whose statute aims are similar.

The Foundation realizes the aims through:

  • actions helping to develop contacts between representatives of different countries, communities and religious groups, which are aimed at establishing the cooperation, developing democracy, culture, arts, workplaces, education system and prevention against discrimination; 
  • organising and financing various forms of educational activities, e.g. lectures, seminars, symposiums, workshops, trainings; 
  • publishing activity; 
  • actions aimed at giving equal opportunities to weaker groups and those who are at risk of being socially excluded; 
  • conducting, supporting and developing touristic activity;
  • running various types of education centres for children, teenagers and adults, including running schools and kindergartens; 
  • organizing scholarships, traineerships and activities related to job market; 
  • granting financial, organizational and intellectual help to individuals and organizations; 
  • organizing, financing and cooperating with health-care institutions; 
  • actions for environmental protection; - preserving and reconstruction of environmental, cultural and religious heritage; 
  • developing and financing innovative technological solutions as well as through promoting crafts that have been forgotten; 
  • providing funds for and organizing concerts, shows, realization of films, contests, theatre shows, exhibitions, sports events and journeys, promoting artists and bands; 
  • employing multimedia techniques to educate society; 
  • cooperating with local and government authorities as well as with non-governmental organizations in the fields that are stated in the aims of the Fund; 
  • gaining financial help from domestic, European and other funds in order to achieve the aims of the Fund.

Current activity:

In 2007 the Foundation published a book by dr Grzegorz Jacek Pelica ‘Kościół prawosławny w województwie lubelskim (1918-1939)’ [The Orthodox Church in Lublin voivodeship (1918- 1939)]. This work describes the history of the Orthodox Church in the inter-war period at the area of current Lublin-Chełm Diocese.

The Foundation organized recreational camps for teenagers and adults in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Ukraine during holidays in 2007 and 2008.

Fundacja Dialog Narodów 
ul. Dolińskiego 1,
20-127 Lublin
tel./faks 081 444 41 62